Inglis Resident Sues Over Charter Amendments on Ballot - Judge Denies Emergency Injunction
     Judge Denies Emergency Injunction
        On February 21st, Gordon Fulwood, of 157 Palm St. Inglis, with assistance of D.A.B. Construction’s Attorney, Joseph Lott, filed a Complaint for Emergency Injunctive Relief to stop voters from casting ballots on Inglis charter amendments for next weeks election.
The Complaint argues that 4 of 7 amendments are vague, misleading, unconstitutional or violate statutes, similar to one submitted for last years election, overturned by Eighth District Chief Justice Roundtree in Bronson, where Roundtree edited language of the amendment making it compliant with all parties objections and lawful.
Fulwood, a renter on Palm Street is senior officer of Citizens Saving Inglis, (CSI) a political action committee, founded and addressed at D.A.B., quoting their filing paperwork, the P.A.C’s objective is defeating the charter amendments “that were created by Concerned Citizens of Inglis”, P.A.C., NPA. 
According to a charter amendment author, CCOI had nothing to do with the petitions. A hearing was scheduled before Judge Ysleta MacDonald, March 5th at 1pm.  Four hours were reserved for the hearing on Fulwood’s Complaint. The Inglis election is March 12th, with voting from 7am to 7pm. 
Update:  Tuesday's hearing lasted only eleven minutes during  which Judge Ysleta MacDonald said the charter amendments would stay as is, on the ballot for March 12. The court, however preserves jurisdiction meaning if any or all of the amendments pass the court will revisit the constitutionality and statutory compliance of those that pass. March 21st was reserved.

 The complaint is available in pdf format (click here)